The history and approach of the artist


Since prehistory and these artists, nearly 36,000 years ago.
From the Chauvet cave to the Lascaux cave, man has never stopped translating the environment around him with the means at his disposal.
Perhaps with the aim of transmitting past events?
Art and the artist want to express what life in all its complexity tends to teach us (often), the nature of man and his environment...
the beautiful as well as the less beautiful.

Nowadays, the technical means used for the expression of Art have become multiple.
Artists have the possibility to transmit their vision of the world in their own way.


After a course of study oriented towards architecture and building design, the Artist decides to take a more creative and no less technical path.
With a diploma in Graphic Design/Decorator in his pocket, he turns a few years later...to trompe l'oeil and decorative painting which he practises at the school of Applied Art ARTDEC in Nice, directed by Mr Christian Geai.
The adventure can now begin...
Since then, the artist has settled in his adopted city of La Seyne sur mer and his works speak for themselves.


Everything in nature delivers an energy, an emotion, a feeling.
The artistic approach of this Artist is essentially related to these elements, which play a major role in his vision of painting, allowing him to explore various subjects and to be able to materialize them to bring out colours, beauty and simplicity.

Its means of expression

First of all, through photography, which freezes the moment of reality that becomes eternal and replaces the many hours of posing that models, among others, took. Secondly, imagination and creativity (mainly pictorial but also architectural), through drawing, which serves as an essential pillar in the composition and harmony of a painting, whether it is decorative or artistic.

His work

He offers a wide range of graphic and decorative diversity.
From the decorative frieze, through the painted decoration, as well as the trompe l'oeil and many other fields of activity, this atypical and talented Artist will accompany you from the study to the finalization of your project and will know how to transport you in his pictorial universe according to your wishes.

Its services

His services are above all atypical and original works.
The decorative projects as well as the paintings and other decorations, are studied with care, to offer you the realization which will correspond to you in all points.
All the works are unique.
The artist is at your disposal for any requests for a personalized estimate.

Its objective

Being to deliver to his clients a quality service, that reflects their tastes and is in adequacy with their expectations in terms of theme and atmosphere, a large part of his work is prepared and materialized beforehand by a sketcher.

Press Release

Bathélémy de Don


La Marseillaise


La Marseillaise


Var Matin



Exposition Galerie "Barthelémy de Don"


Exposition à la maison du tourisme des Sablettes


Exposition au Centre d'affaire de l'aéroport de Nice


Galerie "le Bosphore"

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