About the artist

After a career focused on architecture and building design, N-hill attracted by art since childhood, decided to pursue a more creative but no less technical path.

This was followed a few years later, by studies at the ARTDEC school of applied art in Nice, directed by Mr. GEAI Christian, where he studied trompe l'œil and appreciated the techniques of decorative painting on large formats..

If art today has no rules or predefined dictates, N-hill falls somewhere between the abstraction of colour and the organised chaos of forms and mixtures, but also with respect for the rules of balance that govern the decoratives arts that he has been taught

With a particular appreciation for realism, black and white and various geometric shapes, his art took a major turn, opening up countless new possibilities.

N-hill lulls us into an artistic universe of portraits, feminine poses, geometric shapes and vibrant colors, to the delight of our eyes.

These elements are the ingredients of an alchemy that never ceases to evolve, creating unique and captivating works.

N-hill's creations have strong symbolic connotations, often expressed through the power of color, which gives the work its full dimension.

All this plays a major role in N-hill's vision of painting, enabling him to explore various subjects and materialize them to bring out their beauty and simplicity.

"BEAUTIFULNESS" is his guiding principle.

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