My artistic approach

Everything in nature gives us an energy, an emotion, a feeling, the observation of what surrounds us in everyday life taking a major part in my vision of painting. A look in black and white, monochrome, shadows and lights, or in color to bring out its beauty and realism.

My means of expression

First of all, through photography, which freezes the moment of reality that becomes eternal and replaces the many hours of posing that models, among others, took. Secondly, imagination and creativity (mainly pictorial but also architectural), through drawing, which serves as an essential pillar in the composition and harmony of a painting, whether it is decorative or artistic.

My work

I propose a rather varied graphic and decorative diversity, including the stencil frieze, the painted frieze, lettering, low reliefs, some false materials such as marble and wood, as well as trompe l'oeil, wall decorations (indoor / outdoor / ceiling) and portraits.

My services

The services I offer you are above all atypical and original works that can be realized on different supports such as, the marouflée canvas, the prepared wood etc..... Projects are carefully studied and some require many hours of work.

My goal is to

Being to deliver to my clients a quality service, that reflects their tastes and is in adequacy with their expectations in terms of theme and atmosphere, a large part of my work is prepared and materialized beforehand by a sketcher.

Press Release

Bathélémy de Don


La Marseillaise


La Marseillaise


Var Matin



Exposition Galerie "Barthelémy de Don"


Exposition à la maison du tourisme des Sablettes


Exposition au Centre d'affaire de l'aéroport de Nice


Galerie "le Bosphore"

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