Black Cat

Real size : 80x60 cm
The Black Cat was a famous cabaret in Montmartre founded in November 1881 by Rodolphe Salis who was also at the origin of the weekly magazine of the same name.
Technique: oil / canvas / interior

the horn of plenty

Real size : 120/120 cm
Trompe l'oeil all in color and surround with warmth, whoever owns it will have his wishes granted.
Technique: Oil / canvas

Low relief

Real size : 100x80 cm
Painting of a low relief with warm colours. Modelled, curves and interlacing mixes with subtlety.
Technique: oil / canvas

Door of desert

Real size : 230/120 cm
Creation of a subtle architectural decoration which inspires serenity and calmness.
Technique: oil / Canvas / interior


Real size : 130/130 cm
Creation on the theme of love representing a mischievous Cupidon and attentive to the movements of men.
Technique: oil / canvas / ceiling

Gold Wings

Real size : 100/80 cm
Imaginaire creation which makes the mind wonder if another world exists among ours.
Technique: airbrush / oil / canvas

The miror

Real size : 150/120 cm
Subtle imaginary creation through its ornamentations that give the subject all its importance.
Technique: airbrush / oil / canvas


Real size : 195/130 cm
A unique painting, for a unique person.
Japanese rigour combined with flexibility and calligraphic finesse.
Technique: airbrush / canvas / acrylic.

The ivy woman

Real size : 150/120 cm
Fine and original creation on the theme of Art Deco, inspired by Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), contemporary with the Roaring Twenties.
Technique: acrylic / canvas.

Tibetan temple

Real size : 300/180 cm
Architectural creation at the foot of Everest, inspired by the journey of a friend at the gates of the roof of the world.
Technique: acrylic / wood.

The ferry boat

Real size : 230/140 cm
Realization of a trompe l'oeil "postcard" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the lifting bridge built by Daydé at the beginning of the 20th century in the Seyne/Mer region.
Technique: acrylic / wall


Real size : 240/80 cm
Surfer making a mythical figure of the longboard "le Noseride" on a small perfect wave.
Technique: oil / canvas

The two brothers

Real size : 240/80 cm
A wave of pastel colours...about to engulf the legend of Cape Sicié at the Seyne/mer region.
Technique: oil / canva


Real size : 200x300 cm
Surf-themed decoration
A tube seen from the inside, a magical vision!
A big "THANK YOU" to Marco for his confidence.