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Painted friezes

Realization of coloured or monochrome repetitive patterns

This type of work can be applied under a ceiling or in the middle of a wall depending on the desire and the configuration of the room to be decorated. It is available in several ways, stencilled or painted, and in various colours.



Realization of decorative ornaments on various supports....

Ornamentation is a motif which, when added to a set, has the role of embellishing a painted decoration. It can consist of false moulding, gilding, false frame, with the aim of creating an illusion of depth in the decorative painting.



Realization of volumes on a flat bottom

Bas-relief is a type of sculpture or modelling that can generally be painted. In decorative painting, it is done in the same way as a modelage, showing a slight volume on a flat background, it can be enhanced with false materials such as wood, stone, etc. ....


False materials

Realization of certain wood and marble species

The imitation of textures is an art in decoration, it allows to give the illusion of the real. All this is achieved in 2 dimensions and in colour. The work of the colour and the technique being indissociable for a quality rendering.


Trompe l'oeil and decorations

Realization of wall decorations and trompe l'oeil.

Several kinds of decorations are possible, first of all the trompe l'oeil which returns a perspective to give the illusion of depth (realistic or not, monochrome or coloured). Secondly, there are the trompe l'oeil which deceive the eye, textures effects in 2 dimensions which bluff the observer.



Airbrush realization according to photo

Since the primary purpose of portraiture is to show the visual appearance of the sitter in a given moment, the airbrush is a magical tool that can mask certain imperfections, and magnify the sitter in the pictorial representation.

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